IND to show sense of belonging to LGBT migrants

The IND has made a recent huge mistake in employing an incapable decision maker to handle a case of a bisexual asylum seeker whose life is in danger in his home country,by doing this it has put the new life and hope of this individual into jeopardy. the man in question has explained to the IND all he has suffered in his home country which included torture, Rape, Blackmail, Kidnap, along side with other kinds of decriminative acts that circulated around him and has also showed the IND the arrest warrant that was placed on him including life treathning wounds on his body that have left huge marks on his skin, he also gave to the IND enough reasons to belive that his claims are not attached only to the wish to be given a resident permit because he has an oppourtunity to get a spanish resident permit through family ties but could not do that because he is required to produce a police report certificate from his home country in other to be qualified for a permit in spain for a family tie,In this situation the applicant could not go to the police to make a request for a certificate because he is hiding from the police based on bisexual charges on him which carries upto 14 years inprisionment and also could face death penalty in the northern side of the country (Nigeria).
It is believed that the applicant is really qualified for the protection of the nederlands based on the fears of persecution related to his sexual belives yet the IND intended to dissmiss his claims without any reasenable grounds and giving excuses that does not exist.After the intervention of his lawyer who made arguements against the report writen by an IND decision maker then they decided to give more closer attention which ought to have been done earlier on and we hope that justice is been done on this case.
We have decided not to publish the comments of the IND along with this petition because it would bring so much controversies upon the IND by the public while we anticipates that they do the right thing.
We therefor call upon the public to sign this petition for this Bisexual applicant so that he could get the protection he needs and to be able to meet his child (Spanish) ones more. we strongly believe that power belongs to the people,it's time for the people of this great nation to demonstrate it while it's always our right to have any sexual orientation that we so desires and to be descrimination free in our societies.
we also call upon the UN Council to condemn and show more efforts to put a stop of sexual decrimination in Nigeria.
Long live LGBT


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